Monday, October 26, 2009

Benefits of Using PDF For Newsletters

In the today's modern world, newsletters are created in various formats. A marketer can create newsletter in Portable Document Format or Hyper Text Markup Language. Newsletters in Portable Document Format provide a user with a number of options and security features. A PDF format renders a professional appearance to a document. The advantageous features of PDF enable a marketer to present the company's information to a client emphatically.
Advantages of a PDF newsletter:
There are a number of advantages of a newsletter being formatted in PDF. A PDF newsletter becomes portable in nature. In other words, you can have access to a newsletter on any computer system with different configuration. In a PDF application a marketer can use any font type. All fonts are embedded in a PDF so that it becomes feasible to view all fonts when a newsletter is accessed on different computer system. The format can be used to exchange abundant information. In other words, one can include graphics, images, charts or other visuals in the format. PDF application has the compression ability feature with which the size of the images and graphics can compress. This compression feature makes a file size smaller. A smaller file size becomes easily transmittable to the recipients in far flung areas. Therefore, one can also use graphics to demonstrate a company message effectively. A newsletter can become visually appealing if you integrate multimedia elements in a PDF file. PDF has a great ability to support multimedia elements like animation, audio or video clips. The document size of a newsletter remains compact. PDF format supports hyperlinks as well. One can provide additional information in a newsletter by giving hyperlinks to a viewer. PDF file also offers security features to keep the content intact. The contents of your newsletter remain unhampered if you integrate the security features. You can protect your newsletter from unauthorized printing, viewing or editing. One can choose the security settings as per the requirement.
There are various tools available that can make the task of creating exquisite newsletters expedient and instant. A person can create a newsletter in Word document and then convert word to PDF. A person can also deploy newsletter publishing tools that create PDF newsletters. These tools make a user more flexible and efficient to deliver the best output.

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