Monday, October 26, 2009

College Students Use Generic Printer Cartridges

Not all college professors have joined the digital age. Some, tweedy and bearded, actually require you to turn in your essays and critical inquiries printed with real ink on real paper. At the other end of the scale, some college professors actually understand more about the subtleties and intricacies of digital text preparation, they have figured out ingenious cheating and plagiarism techniques you have yet to imagine. The most deceptive post-modern instructors, in jeans and flannel shirts, demand you turn in your papers printed on real paper with real ink, and they scan your text and run it through CopyScape, catching every word you borrowed from Wikipedia and Sparks Notes.
Undergraduate, upper-class man, graduating senior, Ph.D. candidate, all the same: If you work in ivy-covered halls, you depend on your printer. You also live in constant fear your printer will run out of ink in the middle of the night on the exact night before you have The Big Paper due in your 8 a.m. class. You have experienced the shock and panic before: the printer keeps sailing back and forth as if lines of text appeared, but the ink slowly ran out at mid-sentence, mid-page, two pages from the end.
You can cure your panic and satisfy even your most demanding instructors, ordering generic printer cartridges from an online printer cartridge specialist.
Online printer cartridge specialist? Really?
Just Google "printer cartridge" and watch the Top 10 lists appear. These merchants sell nothing but printer cartridges-every brand and practically every machine, including your stone-age ink jet machine you got as a hand-me-down from your brother. More importantly, these ink specialists can hook you up with high-quality, dependable cartridges so inexpensively you will not have to dip into your financial aid. And most importantly, reputable and reliable online printer cartridge specialists sell generic ink tanks. For about 1/10th the price of an original equipment tank, you can get a generic cartridge guaranteed to fit your machine and deliver the same print quality with the same durability you would expect in the "designer" gear. Before your next big writing assignment, order two or three printer cartridges and save big money-not only on ink but also on stress relief medications.

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